Agnes and dora start up kit

May 28, 2018

Thinking about starting a agnes and dora business? You may be on the right path. There are scores of women who are dying to don a Agnes And Dora dress whether it is a skirt, a cardigan, a top, a pullover or something else. The exquisite prints are a special draw for Agnes And Dora dresses. However, it is not only the prints but also a number of other factors which appeal to the senses of women. So, you can get eye-catching colors, defining cuts, exquisite designs in these dresses. Moreover, these dresses are available in various sizes too. Whether you are a XXL or an XXS, XL or XS, a M or L, you can get the design you need. That means that if you set up a business with Agnes And Dora brand clothing line, you are never likely to see a dip in demand. There is a decent demand for such dresses. So if you become a Agnes And Dora start up kit independent representative, you are very likely to reap long term benefits. However, there are things that you need to know before spending your hard earned money for working as a independent representative for Agnes & Dora.

Agnes And Dora Independent Representative

If you are thinking about getting associated with this brand, then the first step is to become a independent representative. As an independent rep you would be authorized to use the Agnes And Dora logo. You will be given a Agnes And Dora start up module that will help you to set sail on the voyage of an independent representative. Life as an indent rep for Agnes And Dora is good since you would always have a demand for such dresses. However, to get off to a flying start you need a good Agnes And Dora start up kit. The kit must contain all the dresses and material that a variety of people would love to have. You have the freedom to choose the dresses for the starter kit. However, there are two kinds of start up kits – gold kit and platinum kit. As the name suggests the platinum kit is costly compared to the gold kit. However, it also contains a larger ensemble of material including marketing tools. So a platinum kit will just fling you on to the track of business with Agnes And Dora. You get all the facilities of getting associated with the designer if you by the platinum Agnes And Dora start up kit.

Agnes And Dora start up kit

The gold kit contains 250 different material. Although these are mostly dresses, you also get things like marketing tools such as business cards, bags etc. So it is a complete package. Moreover, you can select the dresses. You have the liberty to do so. So why not choose the best ensemble so that it appeals to the senses of your customers. In the platinum Agnes And Dora start up kit, there are about 350 elements. Select according to the age profile that is likely to visit your shop, and you can make a good business out of it.