December 5, 2017
racehorse syndications

As we all know that people keep dogs as their pets at home and they train them according to their needs. Some people train them for security purposes and others for playing, but that depends on the dog breed as well. A person should have sufficient knowledge about dog breeds if he/she is going to keep a dog as a pet. If they are aware of the dog breeds, then they can choose the right dog for themselves, and it will be easy to train, as well, because there are different dogs, some are famous for guarding, some for playing and some for racing.

We have dog breeds that are famous for their speed so people have now started to train those dogs for racing purposes and they are earning money on it. The Greyhound racing is famous racing in many countries; Greyhound is a dog breed, which is the fastest. The Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing,but over here the profits are far less than horse racing, so that is why it is not that much famous as horse racing.

These dogs are given special training to train them for racing, trainers are hired, and their diet is maintained properly so that they can perform better.


These dogs face many medical issues during their racing career. If they are not properly kept and there is no proper medical care, they very soon lose their charm. It is reported that some dogs go blind during their career andare infected with different kinds of diseases, which can harm them a lot. So strict measure should be taken against these things they should be given proper medical care they should not be just used for earning money instead they should be taken care of as well.


After racing,people to be their pets sometimes adopt these dogs, but that is a very rare case it happens rarely. Mostly these dogs are killed brutally; theyare shot. These dogs after 5 years lose their eyesight and are unable to race anymore, so they are of no use to the greyhound racing industry. These dogs should be given priority and given proper care because people earn through these dogs and in the end, they ignore them when they are unable to race.


The greyhound racing faced a lot of criticism because of the reason that the dogs were not treated properly. Many animal welfare organizations criticized this event because they reported the way the dogs were being treated was brutal. They reported that the government should make proper laws for the treatment of these dogs and strict action should be taken against the people who do not follow those laws.


The conclusion is that we should stay away from greyhound racing and should not invest in any racing or any racehorse syndications. The people should be aware of the issues arising from greyhound racing and unite against these kind of acts, which people do for the sake of money.