How to make a family budget worksheet

July 31, 2018

Identify waste and unnecessary expenses;
Prepare your future, that of your children, of the family;
Plan the purchase of appliances or furniture without getting into debt;
Forecast high spending periods;
Track bills to pay: water, electricity, telephone, schooling;
Adjust expenses according to cash inflow;
Understand, manage, improve your finances;
Plan your expenses, your income, your savings …

Presentation of the calculation chart and monitoring of the family budget.

It is composed of leaves:

Monthly balance sheet: it allows to calculate the sum of available resources and to subtract the total expenses to obtain the balance of the month which can be balanced, surplus or deficit.
Note that you will have to enter the December balance for the January column, with the balances for the other months automatically calculated.
Part of this table is for savings: you will need to enter the amounts paid or withdrawn month after month.
The monthly table shows the information provided by the table …
Annual budget: Here you will find the types and categories of expenses defined in the “January” table.

The personalization of the items of expenditure is done in the sheet “January.” All changes made in the budget items of the January sheet are reflected in all the sheets from February to December and in the “annual budget” sheet.

This table summarizes all expenses and resources month by month. The balance of the month is calculated at the bottom of the sheet, which makes it possible to determine the surplus, balanced or deficit months.
The “N-1 balance sheet” column shows the totals from the previous year by type of expenditure and by category.

The “totals” column is the sum of the amounts by an item of expenditure and by category, which is very useful for the calculation of the budget for the coming year, but also for the analysis and identification of excessive expenditure.
Note that this table shows the amounts entered in the monthly tables of …
January to December: These twelve paintings are conceived in the same way and comprise three parts:
Income and expenses of the month :
This is a diary in which you can enter all the expenses and income on the family budget worksheet day after day.

For January, it is imperative to enter the balance of December, because it represents the initial balance.
The entry of the first transaction is as follows:
– Enter the date in the format 01/01/16,
– In the column “OPERATION” choose the type of expenditure or income, it is a list of choices which takes up the budget items.

ATTENTION: do not choose the category headings.
It is necessary to select an expenditure or income example “Food” then in the column “Payment” choose “Cash, Checks or Credit Card” and finally enter in the column debit the amount of the expenditure or in the column credit the income received.

The balance is calculated by the following formula:
the balance of the previous month + amount credited – amount debited.
Each amount entered credit or debit is automatically reflected in summary.
The choice list makes it easier to enter, select the type of expense or income. If the desired expense does not appear, simply use the elevator to scroll the rest of the list.