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By on December 12, 2017

The automated features of room heating and cooling depending on the climatic conditions make the thermostats special home appliances. They work with the help of sensors which detect human presence, movement, temperature changes, humidity levels, and proximity. The top rated brands in the market today are the ECOBEE 4, NEST vs ECOBEE 3, and the HONEYWELL LYRIC ROUND.  Here is a comparison of their specs, design, and functionality.nest vs ecobee3


Ecobee3 provides compatibility to conventional heat pump models of thermostats for the high level of warmth and chillness. At the same time, it works under 3.5VA power, making it energy efficient. Non condensing storage is 5% to 95% RH and temperature range is -31degrees F to +113degrees F. It gets the power through 24VAC terminals with RC, C, Y1, Y1, ACC, etc. It has quality sensors for temperature, humidity, movement, and proximity. The display support is through 3.5” LCD color touch screen having 320X480 pixels. Responsiveness, scope of operation (more than one room), and custom settings are the core befits you get from Ecobee3. The device supports ZIGBEE WI-FI and 915MGZ 3 radio, WEP and DHCP with SSL encryption.


Ecobee4 is stated to be updated version of its predecessor. The model’s dimension of 44mmX44mmX20mm is the same as version 3. It comes with added features for Amazon Alexa voice service, and far field voice technology, which are no part of Ecobee3. Display screen feature remains the same. The other added feature is the support for accessories like the humidifiers, ventilators, dehumidifiers, HR, and the ERV which is not present in Ecobee3. The power consumption and WI-FI features of Ecobe4 and Ecobee3 are almost similar.


 NEST thermostat has a programmable system, which helps in controlling the device remotely through smart phone (WI-FI). The unit has an in-built suggestion (leaf feature), which shows the optimum temperature setting to save energy, which is an added benefit. Smart learning is one of the new features, which “observes” and records your everyday device using pattern. Then it schedules the hearing and cooling patterns perfectly according to your needs. The device works on Wi-Fi and Nest App for android, tablet, as well as Mac and Windows OS phones. The power consumption is less than 2KWH/Month with heat link support. Added features are support for multiple thermostat control and Away from home control through phone.nest vs ecobee3


The HONEYWELL LYRIC ROUND supports single & multi stage heating and cooling. The device works on 24VAC with energy saving compatible to the other devices listed here. The device provides compatibility to ventilator, humidifier, and dehumidifier. Automated changes are made to the settings based on the climatic conditions in the room. The Smart phone app supporting the device is compatible to Android and IOS. The device has inbuilt features for automated notifications when the temperature, humidity, and other related conditions change. The device automatically detects your entry into home through your mobile and initiates the heating and cooling features automatically. This feature is stated to make the HONEYWELL LYRIC ROUND highly favorite among users.

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Enjoy luscious discount with Teleflora promo code

By on December 2, 2017
Teleflora promo code

Floral delivery has become one of the trendiest and Teleflora helps you to keep the tradition alive. You can deliver flowers by just clicking you can deliver flowers and many other types of gifts to your loved ones by just clicking on and fill the required information.

Services of Teleflora:

For every occasion, Teleflora has much more than your expectation. From the handmade floral bouquets to basket full of chocolates, Teleflora has all the precious presents for your loved one.

  • Same day delivery: With Teleflora, you can avail the same day delivery of your present. Now even if you remember the event on the same day, you need not be panic about it. Teleflora is at your service
  • Fresh and quality flowers: one thing Teleflora never compromises on is their quality. Whatever is your present, Teleflora will deliver quality items to your loved ones
  • Customer services round the clock: No matter what time is it, Teleflora is at your service 24/7.
  • Reliable network: The network and branches of Teleflora are worldwide and you can trust them for your floral delivery anywhere you want to.
  • Beneficial membership: once you get membership with, you can avail their special offers and services
  • Automatic data saving: Once you get affiliated with Teleflora, it will keep your information safe, keeping you away from the trouble of additional form filling the next time.
  • Gift reminder: after you create your account, you can get reminders and alerts about the special events in your life via emails. Also, Teleflora will keep you updated about the latest gift trends.
  • Delayed delivery: You can pay now for your order on a specific day and leave the rest of it to Teleflora. Now there is no need to worry to remember the dates in future.
  • Deal of the day: off and on you can avail the deal of the day at Teleflora. These deals are a sign of gratitude to the valuable customers for choosing Teleflora. Usually, it includes the making of a special kind of bouquet by experts. These bouquets are arranged according to your price.
  • Multiple destination offers: Multiple gifts can be sent over multiple addresses, as many as you like. Also you will find no issues or delay in any of the deliveries as punctuality is somethingTeleflora never compromises on.

Latest Telefora offers:

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching, Teleflora has much more to offer to its customer. With the help of new deals and discounts, you can enjoy floral delivery like never before. $10 and $15 discount on $60 and $120 shopping respectively. Besides, there are other deals are available on coupons for you.

Buy Teleflora promo codes:

Now you can buy Teleflora promo codes easily from This is one of the most reliable websites dealing in coupons and codes delivery. Once you buy Teleflora promo codes you can relish the exclusive discounts.

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Buy the Best Electric Wood Splitter

By on October 15, 2017

An electrical log splitter has many advantages over a gas powered or tutorial splitter. Whether you plan to utilize a record splitter for your home or a tiny commercial business, finding the right tool is electric wood splitter reviews

Why should we buy an electrical wood splitter?

With rising fuel costs, an electric splitter is much more cost effective than the one that uses natural gas or diesel. They will are priced competitively to types of wood splitters, so you are definitely going towards your money’s worth, along with the benefit for lower businesses costs.

Electric wood splitters work well for property jobs or projects in small shops. They can be connected to wall stores or combined with file format cords. They offer ease of mobility, which permits you to move these two different sites. Keep in mind that they can weigh over 100 pounds, so you might not exactly want to move them around often.

Will be electric log splitters cost effective?

Yes! Sales heavens rocketed when gas went up over four dollars a gallon. Since then, continuing 2 still on the rise and more individuals are turning to electric editions over gas or diesel powered ones.

Electric solid wood splitters use very little electricity, helping you save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel costs. Electricity provides you an unlimited power supply. Can make for a more successful workday being that you never have to halt to refuel?

What are some considerations I should make when acquiring an electric wooden splitter?

Electric splitters run on a tiny electric engine. They can split any log required for household use. They work best on softer woods with light daily use. In the event you plan to divided dense wood, or help more than 8 several hours a day several times in a row, you may need to consider an alternative with an increase of ability.

These logs splitters are great if you are looking to split a few logs a day for firewood, or a wood burning stove. Nevertheless they may be less powerful than a diesel or hydraulic splitter; they can be just as noisy. You work best to use your splitter in an open area away from those who are around electric wood splitter reviews

Best electric wood splitter reviews best product for their price, and sometimes cost less to run. They are easily lightweight and can be stored away in a convenient place. For the property owner in areas that often get windstorms that can down trees, this is a great investment.

Best electric wood splitter reviews, suggests that people who like to maintain their surroundings must have this electric wood splitter. A lot of people do not like to waste their money on calling people and getting their nearby trees trimmed off. This puts in a lot of time and money. To save your time and money you can do it by using electric wood splitter. There are a lot of verities of wood splitters which you can buy. You should buy the one which suits your requirements.

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