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What Purpose Does a Patch Panel Serve?

June 6, 2018

Thinking about what a patch panel is and what exactly they are used for.To break it down into simple terms to understand the overall concept behind them and its uses.

When dealing with a combination of input and output cables that have to be connected to devices placed separately that cause cables to get jumbled up.

To start off a patch panel is a switchboard that is a mounting hardware that is assembled with a number of electric sockets that can be connected to various types of connectors and cables.

These ports are connected and managed by incoming and outgoing LAN cables (in a local area network). Learn more about Buy Data Connector Patch Panels online.

In other words, patch panels are very useful in the sense of keeping all the cables very organized in an infrastructure and connecting to other racks with each other.

Patch panels are also known as patch bays, patch fields or even jack fields, they can usually be found being used for radio and television purpose. The ports on each patch panel are configured for the use of Ethernet cables that would be used in an enterprise network environment.

They are used and serve the purpose of being like a static switchboard with the cables interconnecting with network computers that are within a LAN and as for all the lines that are outside of the internet and any other wide area networks (WAN is the abbreviation).

The panels are also known to be used for interconnecting with fiber optic cables and managing them, they also use patch cords which is a kind of jumper cable that helps create the interconnection on each one.

Patch panels in most settings are set aside in a wiring closet or a small room so they don’t get in the way of people, and due to that, it helps with the networking for other electrical connections to be made.