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Everything You Wanted To Know About Pinoy TV And Pinoy Channel but Were Afraid To Ask

August 1, 2018
Everything You Wanted To Know About Pinoy TV And Pinoy Channel but Were Afraid To Ask

Fear is a tricky thing. It stops you from doing so many things that you want to do. Even back in school, fear stopped me from asking questions in class that I really wanted to know. So I completely understand when you have some questions about Pinoy TV and you are not confident enough to ask them. You don’t have to worry at all. I am here to tell you everything about Pinoy TV because after that, you won’t have anything to ask about so buckle up, because you are about to get all your answers.

What is Pinoy TV?

Pinoy TV is the television network or Pinoy Channel that was first launched in your very own Country Japan. Along with Japan, there is one more country where it was launched and that is USA. It is an international television station where all your favorite pinoy tambayan shows are aired in different countries around the world.

What is Pinoy TV About?

Pinoy TV is related to the people living in Philippines. Pinoy network is a Filipino channel so everything that there is, is all about Filipinos. The way they live, the way they eat, the way the sleep, the way they do things. Everything there is about Philippians is available on the television sets. Now, you don’t have to worry a bit about Pinoy TV not being suitable for you if you live in Philippines. Also, there is one more thing and that is that the culture and traditions of Filipinos are also all visible on the Pinoy tambayan channel. They celebrate different festivals highlighting the things to be done in Philippine. It is really helpful for the young ones who don’t know anything about their culture and traditions.

Who are the owners of Pinoy TV?

The answer to that is simple. GMA international is a very popular company who runs this pinoy channel. Along with GMA international, there is one more company that is side by side, always helping out in the tough and easy times and that is GMA Worldwide Inc.

Which Languages is the Pinoy Channel aired in?

There are two languages in which the Pinoy channel is aired in. First of them is Filipino and the second one is English. Some Pinoy tv shows and television series are aired in English and some in Filipino.

Does the Pinoy channel have its own website?

Yes, the Pinoy channel has its own website http://ofwpinoytambayan.com/ and it is extremely useful. It is functional and everything is easy to find. All the episodes of all pinoy tv shows are available on it. They are all available in a good quality regarding sound and picture.