Happy Valentines Day 2018

January 5, 2018

A holiday that all lovers are eagerly awaiting – from schoolchildren to the elderly, a holiday, when touching confessions and cherished desires are always heard, a holiday filled with love and tenderness – Valentine’s Day. No wonder he received his second title – Valentine’s Day, because this is the most expected day of February devoted to love. About when Valentine’s Day is celebrated in 2018, about the history of the holiday, about its traditions and customs – in our article.

Valentine’s Day 2018

A holiday dedicated to love and love is celebrated at the end of winter, on February 14. Regardless of the year and day of the week, the day of all lovers always falls on the same number. Of course, if a holiday falls on weekdays, it creates some inconvenience. However, the emotions that fill the day, more than compensate for all the difficulties. In addition, according to tradition, the main activities on this day are in the evening.  According to most historians, the holiday is inextricably linked with the name of the Christian martyr Valentine, who lived in the III. n. e. For the first time the history of the saint was set forth in the Golden Legend, a collection of Christian legends and instructive stories from the lives of saints and great martyrs. The spread of the legend of Valentine received in the Middle Ages in Europe, primarily England and France, at the same time a tradition was established to celebrate Happy Valentines Day 2018 as a holiday for all lovers.

Story of Valentine Day

The very story of the holy and martyr sounds like this. At the dawn of the Christian era (more precisely, in the 3rd century AD), Emperor Claudius II forbade marriages in the country. The cruel ruler considered that an unmarried man would be more courageous to fight for his emperor, if his wife and children were not behind him. The warrior, according to Claudius, should only love his Caesar and always be ready to die for him. And the family will become an extra burden, a married man will think about his family, and will fight with less courage. Reflecting this thought, the emperor issued a law according to which both men and women could not marry until reaching a certain age.¬†Valentin was an ordinary field doctor, assigned to the army of Claudius II, who treated warriors on the battlefield. Confessed Christianity, Valentine took the priest’s order to be able to heal not only the bodies, but also the souls of warriors. Once under cover of the night, a young couple approached him – a legionary from the troops of Claudius and a young girl – and asked them to combine them by marriage according to Christian custom. Knowing that the imperial order violated, Valentin could not refuse lovers and called them husband and wife. After the first couple, the second one appeared, then the third … and gradually the saint became not only a doctor, but also the only priest who dared to crown the lovers