Lending Banks Interest Rates with a Maturity of 36 Months | Consumer Loans

By making use of the 48-month consumer loan packages of financial institutions with the most appropriate interest rates; You can close your debts, make payments or have instant cash for your personal needs.

In this article, while presenting the list of the banks that provide 60.000 TL credit , we also provided information about credit application, calculation and repayment which is important for consumers…

Consumer loans to 36 months


With the withdrawal of maturities in consumer loans to 36 months, banks went on to diversify their loan products. In this context , TL 60,000 loan packages were created and consumers were offered opportunities to withdraw, close debt and refinance through advantageous campaigns.

So, what are the banks that give 60.000 TL credit and how much do I pay back if I withdraw 60.000 TL ?

Loan Application and Calculation

Loan Application and Calculation

In accordance with the banking regulations and practices, you can obtain financing with a maximum term of 4 years within the scope of general purpose loan. To do this, you must apply for a loan of TL 60,000 and the bank must approve your application.

Since the working policy of each institution is different, it differs in the channels that can be used in loan applications. While many banks allow applications via internet, mobile and SMS , some institutions only accept applications from branches.

We shared important information such as expense, interest and annual cost rate related to the loan calculation transactions of TL 60.000 in four sub-headings. If you want to use a loan from which bank, you can review the information about the institution and how much your monthly installment amount will be.

60 Thousand TL Lending Banks

60 Thousand TL Lending Banks

Good Finance has TL 60.000 loan characteristics; the insurance may change according to the collateral and the bank has the right to update the interest, fees and maturity changes.

For this reason, people who receive salary payments from another institution are required to use the following link or branches for Good Finance 60.000 TL loan application .

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